Want to know how much is fuel comsumption on your car or motorcycle? Get this app! You'll find out how much fuel uses yuor car engine, how far can you beat a car after refueling, and how much you spend on fuel. Shows the mileage sum, average fuel consumption for the last five fillings, average fuel consumption of all entries.

The application requires Android System® version 1.6 or newer. You can get it on AndroidMarket®.

All data at a glance

Basic information is available to you on the main screen in a transparent manner. Fuel consumption, assumed the distance to be traveled, or reminders.

Simple filling form

You do not need to fill a number of unnecessary fields, give only the most important data.

Refueling history

Masz dwa sachody lub motor, nie ma problemu możesz założyć dla każdego osobny profil.